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    Farther is a tokenized community accelerating the global adoption of Farcaster.


    • Online social relationships should be as unmediated as they are in real life.
    • Cultural norms should be as localizable and enforceable online as they are offline.
    • Our attention should not be a product sold to advertisers without our awareness or consent.

    Centralized social networks aren't capable of fulfilling those requirements. Many new decentralized social protocols are attempting to, but Farcaster stands out as having the greatest potential to do so in a way that is both credibly neutral and scalable.

    Visit the resources page to learn more about what makes Farcaster unique.


    Farther aims to fund any creative media and tools devoted to growing Farcaster. Several ideas are being explored, all of which will involve the FARTHER token, deployed on Base. To bootstrap these efforts, it is being rewarded to active users and builders within the ecosystem in the following ways:


    FARTHER address: 0x8ad5b9007556749de59e088c88801a3aaa87134b

    The initial supply is 1 billion tokens, and there is no initial price. The community decides what its worth. Please read the disclaimers before buying.

    Allocations amount are listed below, with respective links to Gnosis Safes where the pools are stored.

    In addition to the initial supply, the Farther token contract is capable of optionally minting up to 3% of the current token supply per year. This could potentially be used to fund future initiatives, however there are currently no specific plans for it. It can be permanently revoked if the Farther community decides.