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    How to tip

    Send tips by including text like this in replies to casts (capitalization and spaces are ignored):

    • 42069 farther
    • 42069 $farther

    Maximum distribution ➡️ Greater allowance

    Tippers who distribute their daily allowance to the greatest number of accounts that aren't also receiving an allowance will receive larger share of the daily allowance pool over time. The aim of this is to maximize the number of users receiving tips and mitigate bot account manipulation.

    FARTHER balance

    An additional multiplier is applied to each tipper's weight based on their balance. This includes the balance of tokens in their wallet and any liquidity in the Uniswap 0.3% pool. The multiplier logarithmically increases to 1.3x up to a balance of 1 million tokens.

    Daily tip minimum

    Given that the allowance calculation incentivizes broad distribution, a floor is set to make each tip meaningful and prevent Farther from becoming spammy. This amount may change over time but targets the equivalent of $0.50 (currently Loading... FARTHER).

    Additional rules

    • Self-tips are rejected
    • Any account tipping below the minimum more than 3 times per day on a consistent basis is assumed to be intentionally fake tipping. A warning will be issued, then a ban.
    • Accounts that tip frequently without an allowance will also be warned and banned if it continues.
    • High-volume tip trading will result in a warning and ban if it continues. High volume is defined as 5 or more tip trades per day on a consistent basis.


    To become eligible for an allowance, tippers must currently be holding 100,000 Farther tokens in a wallet they've verified on Warpcast. This threshold will adjust to include more holders over time, based on the token's current price. This ensures the allowance for each tipper remains valuable enough to make tipping worthwhile.

    After a token holder starts receiving allowances, their daily allowance will never drop below the tip minimum as long as they remain within the top holder threshold. If inactivity results in their allowance dropping to the minimum, they can still recover their allowance by consistently spending all of it every day.

    If you're interested in more details, check out the Farther Tips Deep Dive.