Liquidity Rewards

    15% of the total token supply is allocated to liquidity rewards. The first rewards program is for the Uniswap V3 ETH-FARTHER (0.3%) pool on Base, which began May 1, 2024. It lasts for six months.

    How to participate

    1. Please read before you begin:

      • If you haven't yet, please read the disclaimers
      • If this is your first time providing liquidity in a decentralized exchange, please consider the risks of impermanent loss.
      • This rewards program is using the official Uniswap V3 Staker contract. There is no public audit available, however it was developed by Uniswap. Use at your own risk.
      • You only accrue Farther rewards while the price is within the range of liquidity of your position. If you notice rewards have stopped accruing, it is likely because the price has moved outside of your position's range. You can check by clicking the position ID which will link you directly to the position on Uniswap.
      • Rewards are distributed using the same logic as Uniswap fees. Narrower ranges earn more rewards.
    2. Add a liquidity position to the 0.3% fee pool on Uniswap (It must be the 0.3% pool!).
    3. Return to this page. After a moment, refresh the page and your position should be displayed.
    4. Click Stake to initiate a transaction that locks your LP token. At this point, you will start accruing rewards.
    5. Claiming your rewards is a two-step process. First click Unstake, which makes your rewards claimable. Then click Claim.

    Please reach out if you have any questions or problems.


    Position IDPending Rewards
    to stake your liquidity for rewards.