• 25% of all Farther tokens are reserved for high-quality Farcaster users.
    • Currently, the Warpcast Power Badge is required. This requirement may expand or change in the future.
    • Each power user is only eligible for one airdrop.
    • If you become eligible but lose your power badge before the airdrop, you will need to re-earn it to become eligible for the next one.
    • The tokens are being distributed via monthly airdrops over three years beginning on May 1, 2024.
    • The allocation each user receives is determined by:
      1. The current airdrop's token supply
      2. The current number of eligible users
      3. Follower count - half of each airdrop is distributed equally among currently eligible users. The other half is allocated based on a curve correlating with follower count.
    If you think you are eligible for an airdrop, and visit the profile page.